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Condolences for Kent C. "Bulldog" Schliebe

I wanted to get back between storms but there is no between. Kent was a good friend for a long time. This weeks ROLLING STONE magazine had an article on finance entitled Why Isn't Anyone in Jail? It made me proud the "Bulldog" stuck it to "the man" using his own unfare rules. Most people wouldn't understand but he stood up to the banksters. During the last months when he called I could tell the frustration and discomfort that came from the withdrawl from coffee, tobacco, and wine, legal but a nuisance to be rid of. I couldn't rid myself of nicoteen without a mood altering pill, I was so terribly irritable. Through it all he talked of his siblings who rose above the distractions and never gave up in this very trying situation. They must be commended. Thank you for being there for the poor "pup". I'll try to be in contact if/when I make it back to God's country. Mark Stamstad
From Mark Stamstad

"Uncle" Kent as my Sister and I called him was a very nice and gentle man. My real Uncle, James Hanson, was good friends with Kent. Whenever my Uncle would come home from Germany, he'd stay with us. Kent and my Uncle hung out many times and I got to know Kent from that. He was always very nice. And it was from all those times, that we started to call him Uncle Kent. Please know that I'm sending thoughts and prayers for your family right now...and I'm deeply sorry for your loss.
From Julie(Tangen) Miller

Just sending a note in remembrance of Kent's life. Sorry to miss the Kent stories at the celebration of his life. Our condolences to his family.
From Bonnie (Cox) Handland & Anne Drecktrah